The insurance company has sent out an adjuster. Why do I need one of my own?

​The insurance company adjuster is a professional trained by the insurance company to protect their interests only.
Why should I retain a public adjuster to obtain what is rightfully due to me?

Because the insurance company does not provide you with the detailed information that you need to prepare your claim properly. By not having this information, many mistakes will be made which will reduce your settlement. A public adjuster will eliminate these mistakes.
How will a public adjuster help me throughout the claim?

​Your policy requires that you document your claim, even if some or all documentation is destroyed. Your public adjuster will prepare inventories, repair estimates and business income/extra expense calculations in a format that will satisfy the terms of your policy and will protect you from missing policy benefits that you are due. The insurance company will bring in their team of professionals including salvors, contractors and accountants to protect their money. The public adjuster will protect your interests from improper interpretation by these experts.