About Rich Csaposs

About RCAdvantage

In 1994, Rich Csaposs began a company known as Advantage Claims Consultants, Inc. with a fellow independent adjuster. In this time, he began working with a number of clients, including Coastline Casuals and Skip's Music. In 1998, Advantage Claims Consultants split, and Rich created his own company, R.C. Advantage. Since then, Rich has been helping his clients, such as Mikuni's and Brian Wheat (the bassist of Tesla), navigate the intense insurance process and challenge the insurance companies in order to assure his clients are treated fairly through the entire claim.

Rich Csaposs was born in Hackensack, New Jersey in 1959. His interest in public insurance adjusting began as a manager for a large CPA firm in Sacramento, CA, in which he realized that insurance companies did not treat their customers fairly, and decided to leave the insurance industry in order to support the policyholders. He started R.C. Advantage in order to directly reach out to policyholders and attend to their needs through the insurance process.
​He currently resides in Portland, OR with his wife and daughter, and their two dogs.